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    Eldra is a vibrant oasis that stands alone in what seems like an infinite wasteland. It has exploded with growth because a substance called [[mooncloud]] naturally emerges from deep in the earth. Because of this Eldra has become …

  • the span

    The span is another name for the area of land that extends from the ocean, to [[The Dragon Ridge]]

    Areas of the span

  • Eldra Heights

    Giant marble cliffs are carved out for the homes of the Eladrin. Laws are strictly enforced here, and the government has a powerful presence. A large palace stands on the of the mountain, and a giant statue where [[mooncloud]] is infused with magical …

  • Fey Cliffs Park

    A small path that leads along the edge of the cliffs overlooking the forest. Some small vegetation grows along the path, and smaller paths lead around to the other parts of the cliff. One small path leads into a cave that has a few benches and a fire pit.

  • Eldra Palace

    A palace carved out of bright white marble. During the afternoon the sun reflects off of it, into the fog of [[mooncloud]] over [[Mooncloud Spire]].

  • Mooncloud Spire

    A tower carved out of smooth white rock. It expands high into the sky, where above it [[mooncloud]] lingers thickly in a glowing ball. The [[mooncloud]] is moved around the city with magical winds, and it is considered the Eladrins greatest accomplishment …

  • The Scourge

    Seemingly endless miles of extremely arid desert. Covers all of [[the span]] with the exception of a handful of Oasis'. Many tiefling tribes manage to survive in the desert, however competition for food and water often turns them to cannibalism. A …

  • The Dragon Ridge

    A chain of mountains that spike violently into the air. It provides a natural barrier to [[the gap]]. The mountains extend for miles in all directions and are almost impassable terrain.

    The Dragonborn make there homes in The Ridge. They …

  • The Old Square

    The Old Square is the area where all of Eldra's greatest arcane power is gathered. [[Mooncloud Spire]] towers over The Old Square. The Old Square contains all of [[The Magi]]'s library's, and magical schools of study. The Old Square is often referred …

  • Moonlith

    The series of tunnels that expand under, and around Eldra. Giant tunnels dug by the Dwarves thousands of years ago, still in use. Old Dwarven machines keep running with the help of [[The Tinkers]]. Moonlith is equipped …

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