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  • mooncloud

    Mooncloud is a fluffy white cloud like substance. It looks somewhat like the clouds in the sky, however it is much more dense. It naturally flows upwards from large cracks that run deep into the earth. It provides water for the few Oasis that are …

  • the span

    The span is another name for the area of land that extends from the ocean, to [[The Dragon Ridge]]

    Areas of the span

  • civilized races

    Humans, Dwarves, Elves, and Eladrin are generally considered the civilized races. Dragonborns and Tieflings consider themselves civilized, but are looked down on by the other races.

  • the nomads

    A tribe of humans that wonders [[The Scourge]] telling the stories of old. They collect all remnants of the before time, and have the a very impressive collection of artifacts. They are generally peaceful, but will resort to violence to protect there …

  • the gap

    The area on the other side of [[The Dragon Ridge]]. It is called the gap because it is uncharted territory. Very few have managed to pass over the ridge, and even less have made it back alive.

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